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Belarus-West relations

Belarus may find itself blockaded due to participation in Russia’s aggression against Ukraine

March 14 – March 20

The international community sees Belarus as an aggressor state and strengthens sanctions pressure

March 7 – March 13

The West will punish Belarus as harshly as Russia for aggression against Ukraine

February 28 – March 6

The West imposes new sanctions against Belarus for aggression against Ukraine

February 21 – February 27

The West is preparing a new package of sanctions against Belarus in connection with the escalation of the Ukraine crisis and the controversial constitutional referendum

February 14 – February 20

By escalating, Minsk risks losing its relevance and provoking new Western sanctions

February 7 – February 13

Minsk continues to escalate confrontation with the West, despite the obvious costs

January 31 – February 6

The regime loses agency in the eyes of the West despite of trying to do the opposite

January 17 – January 23

A constitutional referendum in exchange for the lifting of Western sanctions?

January 10 – January 16

The Belarusian regime threatens the West with diplomatic and transit conflicts

December 20 – December 26

The regime threatens Afghan refugees, nuclear weapons and the suspension of gas transit, the West – with new sanctions

December 13 – December 19

Belarusian regime has introduced counter-sanctions against the West

December 6 – December 12

In response to new sanctions from the West, the Lukashenka regime is trading in sovereignty and the Russian threat

November 29 – December 5

Despite the de-escalation of the migration crisis, the West is increasing sanctions pressure

November 22 – November 28

The EU opens technical dialogue with the Belarusian regime but does not recognise its legitimacy

November 15 – November 21

Belarusian regime responds by escalating to the preparation of the 5th package of EU sanctions, the West seeks support from Russia

November 8 – November 14

The EU has agreed the criteria for the fifth package of sanctions, but does not exclude dialogue with the Belarusian regime

November 1 – November 7

As the fifth package of EU sanctions approaches, Minsk looks for mediators for dialogue with the West

October 25 – October 31

EU finalizes the preparation of new sanctions, Minsk goes on counteroffensive

October 18 – October 24

The EU will adopt the fifth package of sanctions in November; the Belarusian regime continues diplomacy in the “far abroad”

October 11 – October 17

The West contemplates increasing sanctions pressure as Minsk tries to restart the distant arc of foreign policy

October 4 – October 10

Minsk’s back door diplomacy fails as the West intensifies criticism of the regime for conducting a hybrid war and orchestrating a humanitarian crisis

September 27 – October 3

The Belarusian crisis remains on the agenda of the West; new sanctions are on the way

September 20 – September 26

The Belarus crisis remains under the Western spotlight as the Lukashenka regime flirts with de-escalation

September 13 – September 19

Increased sanctions pressure pushes Minsk to break through foreign policy isolation in relations with the West

September 6 – September 12

The fifth package of European sanctions is on the way, the Belarusian regime is becoming toxic even for China

August 30 – September 5

The migration crisis becomes a source of irritation for new EU countries

August 23 – August 29

The EU is preparing to strengthen sanctions due to the migration crisis, and within the political situation, the Belarusian regime is sending ambiguous signals

August 16 – August 22

Western allies synchronise sanctions pressure; Lukashenka does not rule out negotiations but rejects preconditions

August 9 – August 15

Migration tidal wave against the EU fails, US and allies plan new sanctions on the anniversary of the Belarusian protests

August 2 – August 8

As the EU formulates conditions for the lifting of sanctions, U.S. plans additional sanctions

July 26 – August 1

Burning bridges with the West

July 19 – July 25

A New Wave of Repression in Belarus Provokes Negative Reaction of the West

July 12 – July 18

Regime tries to retaliate against Western sanctions

July 5 – July 11

Escalating tensions with the West assumes new dynamics

June 28 – July 4

The EU imposes additional economic sanctions

June 21 – June 27

Western sanctions pressure increases

June 14 – June 20