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Society and political parties

Elections to the Coordination Council: A New or Turned Page?

May 13 – May 19

Elections to the Coordination Council: Semi-finals in the Battle for Leadership in the Democratic Movement

May 6 – May 12

Resistance scores 2-0 lead in cyber war against the regime

April 29 – May 5

Coordinating Council elections: Demand demonstrated for a common platform for democratic forces

April 22 – April 28

Diplomatic Successes of Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya: Asset for Democratic Forces and Investment in the Future?

April 15 – April 21

The Coordination Council Returns to the Agenda of the Democratic Movement

April 8 – April 14

The Coordination Council: A Toxic Asset or a Key Element of the Democratic Forces’ Architecture?

April 1 – April 7

“Hawks” of Democratic Forces: Blitzkrieg Narratives for Political Migrants

March 25 – March 31

Democratic forces are developing cooperation with Euronest and contribute to the isolation of the regime

March 18 – March 24

“There’s no money, but you hang in there.” Independent media lose their voice in the media space

March 11 – March 17

Challenge for the Opposition-2025: How to Preserve Domestic Political Agency?

March 4 – March 10

Tsikhanouskaya’s Cabinet: A Hundred Years of Emigration?

February 26 – March 3

Democratic Forces: Overlooking the 2024/2025 Election in Favor of 2030?

February 19 – February 25

Critique of Tsikhanouskaya: Does it pose a threat to democratic unity?

February 12 – February 18

The Coordination Council: A Dilemma in Democratic Progress?

February 5 – February 11

New Belarus Passport: Strengthening Diaspora Connections

January 29 – February 4

Kalinoŭski Regiment makes a move on Europe

January 22 – January 28

Democratic forces made their mark in Davos, putting Belarus in the spotlight

January 15 – January 21

Democratic forces: Navigating Election Challenges and Strengthening Capacities

January 8 – January 14

2023: unification of democratic forces; 2024: tougher rhetoric against the regime

January 1 – January 7

Democratic Forces: Preserving Resources Amid an Authoritarian Backlash

December 11 – December 17

Tsikhanouskaya’s Momentum in Washington vs Lukashenka’s Global Tour

December 4 – December 10

Kastuś Kalinoŭski Regiment is gaining attention, and elections for the Coordination Council are facing serious challenges

November 27 – December 3

Disregarding the regime’s elections: Coalition building between Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya and Kastuś Kalinouski Regiment

November 20 – November 26

The European Future of Belarus, Supporting Belarusians in Exile, Holding the Regime Accountable

November 13 – November 19

Democratic forces are mainly focused on updating the situation in the Coordination Council, and the regime’s electoral campaign isn’t on their radar

November 6 – November 12

Democratic forces are rallying the Belarusian diaspora, while political organizations appear to be sidelining the domestic Belarusian agenda

October 30 – November 5

Online services for vulnerable groups and political prisoners, narrowing the agenda of the democratic forces

October 23 – October 29

Diplomatic successes of Tsikhanouskaya in the post-Soviet region and the measures taken by the democratic movement to build trust

October 16 – October 22

Democratic forces are working to limit the regime’s international contacts, and the National Anti-Crisis Management is leading international efforts to hold Lukashenka’s security forces accountable

October 9 – October 15

Democratic forces intensify dialogue with the West, Lukashenka scares it with the nuclear weapons and counts on its fatigue

October 2 – October 8

Tsikhanouskaya’s administration is solidifying the democratic movement, while volunteers are gaining more influence over the media landscape

September 25 – October 1

Tsikhanouskaya consolidates diplomatic contacts, but the opposition seems to overlook the upcoming elections

September 18 – September 24

Tsikhanouskaya’s cabinet increases international pressure on the regime, and democratic forces rally around the idea of European integration

September 11 – September 17

Dems forces are consolidating political migration, fatigue is growing among supporters of the force scenario

September 4 – September 10

Sanction pressure weakened the regime, society’s fatigue from confrontation with the regime

August 14 – August 20

Democrats call for a boycott of the 2024 elections as the United Provisional Cabinet continues to isolate pro-government organisations

August 7 – August 13