July 31 – August 6, 2023
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The Coordinating Council increases its influence on the selection of United Transitional Cabinet personnel; tension in civil society is rising

The situation has not changed
The Coordinating Council increases its influence on the selection of United Transitional Cabinet personnel; tension in civil society is rising
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Tsikhanouskaya Cabinet improves transparency and communication with civil society via Coordinating Council public reports — tension and recrimination increase between civil society organisations.

United Transitional Cabinet (UTC) representatives presented a report to the Coordination Council (CC). The CC strengthens its position in the democratic movement and gains more influence over the personnel policy of the Tsikhanovskaya Cabinet.

The “Belarusian Youth Hub” platform, popular among Belarusians in Warsaw, has suspended activities due to internal misunderstandings.

Valery Tsapkala is attempting to undermine the initiatives of the broad Tsikhanouskaya’s coalition and unite opponents of the UTC under his banner. However, harsh criticism of the successful “Solidarity Marathon” fundraising initiative does not increase his support, although it may somewhat demotivate some opponents of Lukashenka.

Advocacy of sanctions against the Lukashenka regime continues to succeed as the Belarusian leadership persists with provocative actions and statements. The EU has imposed sanctions against 38 Belarusian citizens and three Belarusian companies linked to the war in Ukraine.

Relations with the Ukrainian leadership are improving. Representatives of the Cabinet and Office of Tsikhanouskaya met with the leaders of Kalinouski’s Regiment.

Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya continues to promote the civil society agenda at the international level and will take part in events connected to the UN General Assembly in New York.

Independent journalists and investigators are trying to pressure businessmen linked to Lukashenka’s circle and attribute dissatisfaction with losses due to sanctions to the regime. The Belarusian investigative centre, together with partners from the Lithuanian LRT, the Icelandic “Heimlidin”, and with the support of “Сyberpartizans” and OCCRP, investigated Aliaksandr Mashensky, owner of the “Santa Bremor” company.

Democrats are mobilising political exiles for an international “Solidarity Day” in 23 cities worldwide, coinciding with the third anniversary of the presidential election in Belarus.

However, the mobilisation potential of the democratic movement within Belarus continues to decline due to continuous large-scale repression and emigration of activists.

Debate and tension will increase among democratic forces as the 2024 local council and parliamentary election campaign approaches.

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