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Shifting Priorities: Belarus Wraps Up CSTO Chairmanship, Hands Over to Kazakhstan

November 20 – November 26

The issue of closing borders with Belarus and Russia is becoming a regional concern

November 13 – November 19

The regime demands additional security guarantees from Russia

November 6 – November 12

Lukashenkа keeps a close eye on intelligence operations

October 30 – November 5

The regime is betting on an alternative Eurasian security architecture compared to the West

October 23 – October 29

Belarus is furthering its military integration with Russia

October 16 – October 22

Lukashenka, along with Putin, escalates the nuclear situation

October 9 – October 15

Lukashenka is digging in but preparing to go on the offensive

October 2 – October 8

The regime’s focus turns to Africa while seeking de-escalation talks with Hungary but escalating tensions with Poland

September 25 – October 1

Belarus conducts its own comprehensive exercises instead of canceled “West” and “Union Shield”

September 18 – September 24

Is the government trying to emulate the business model of PMC Wagner?

September 11 – September 17

The regime is trying to appear more conciliatory and transparent, but its efforts are not proving successful

September 4 – September 10

Lukashenka issues an ultimatum to Ukraine: Russia is preparing for a new offensive

August 14 – August 20

Credit of distrust: in response to the expansion of the Wagner PMC base in Belarus, neighbouring countries strengthen border protection

August 7 – August 13

Wagnerians, Russian nuclear weapons, and the Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant. Security factors of the regime?

July 31 – August 6

Wagner PMC and illegal migrants: hybrid threats to the Baltic countries and Poland are increasing

July 24 – July 30

Welcome to Hell! Wagner PMC receives a Belarusian residence permit as the regime threatens to attack Poland and western Ukraine

July 17 – July 23

Are Belarusian forces incorporating the combat experience of the Wagner PMC to enter the war against Ukraine?

July 10 – July 16

Concerns Mount Over Belarusian Regime’s Statements on Wagner PMC and Russian Nuclear Weapons Deployment

July 3 – July 9

Wagner PMC relocates to Belarus

June 26 – July 2

The Unconventional Resolution: A Deal Between Kremlin, Lukashenka, and PMC Wagner

June 19 – June 25

Belarusian Regime Expands Artillery Ammunition Production amid Concerns of Russian Nuclear Deployment

June 12 – June 18

Russia prepares to make Belarus a target by deploying nuclear weapons; the West prepares for escalation

June 5 – June 11

The Growing Threat of the Regime’s Direct Participation in the Russo-Ukrainian War

May 29 – June 4

The regime announces that Russian nuclear weapons are beginning to move to Belarus

May 22 – May 28

Ukrainian Military Intelligence Reveals Details of Confidential Communication Channel with Belarus: Non-Aggression Pact in Jeopardy

May 15 – May 21

Will Belarus lend a hand to the Russian military-industrial complex?

May 8 – May 14

Despite assurances that the West has no intention of attacking, the regime continues to prepare for war

May 1 – May 7

Will strategic nuclear weapons follow their tactical cousins into Belarus?

April 24 – April 30

Is Ukraine preparing to extend hostilities to Belarusian territory?

April 17 – April 23

The regime demands full security guarantees and strategic nuclear weapons from Russia

April 10 – April 16

Spy Games

April 3 – April 9

Nuclear weapons in Belarus: ultimatum, escalation, and blackmail by Lukashenka

March 27 – April 2

Weapons That Are Not Easy to Detect

March 20 – March 26

Is the regime preparing to impose Martial Law?

March 13 – March 19

Minsk leverages the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty

March 6 – March 12

In relations with Minsk, China will consider the opinion of the West

February 27 – March 5