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Minsk and Moscow Attempt to Drag China into Conflict with Ukraine and NATO

July 1 – July 7

Is the Regime Preparing Belarusians for a Future Casus Belli with Ukraine?

June 24 – June 30

The sudden readiness inspection of the Belarusian army is set in the context of non-strategic nuclear exercises.

June 17 – June 23

Belarus and Russia practice using weapons of retaliation in the second phase of exercises

June 10 – June 16

Russia Expands Deliveries of Tactical Nuclear Weapons Carriers to Belarus

June 3 – June 9

The regime is systematically working towards creating a casus belli with NATO

May 27 – June 2

Belarus Joins the Second Stage of Russia’s Non-Strategic Nuclear Forces Exercises

May 20 – May 26

Belarusian Army Prepares for Urban Warfare

May 13 – May 19

Russia and Belarus Conduct Exercises on the Use of Tactical Nuclear Weapons

May 6 – May 12

Regime works on inventing casus belli for military conflict with Ukraine, but so far uses it for home consumption

April 29 – May 5

New military doctrine: the West is the enemy, Russia is the friend, nuclear weapons are to be used for attack

April 22 – April 28

Security Forces Establish a System of Intense Surveillance Over Belarusians

April 15 – April 21

Co-aggressor or Peacemaker?

April 8 – April 14

Belarus Suspends CFE Treaty: Preparing for War?

April 1 – April 7

Playing with fire. The Kremlin and Minsk consider the possibility of using nuclear weapons

March 25 – March 31

Against the backdrop of the renewed migration crisis, NATO prepares for a new escalation

March 18 – March 24

It’s a bomb! Russian tactical nuclear weapons are already in Belarus

March 11 – March 17

All Hands on Deck! The Regime Prepares State Bodies for Wartime Operations

March 4 – March 10

When united, are we invincible? Belarus and Russia unify their army

February 26 – March 3

Lukashenkа calls for mental and strategic preparation for World War III

February 19 – February 25

The regime is making up a reason for conflict with Ukraine, but at the moment, it seems more for local consumption

February 12 – February 18

The KGB is cracking down on Belarusian elites

February 5 – February 11

Will the internal troops transform into the Belguard?

January 29 – February 4

The government is gearing up students for a potential Russia-NATO conflict

January 22 – January 28

New military doctrine places emphasis on nuclear weapons

January 15 – January 21

Security forces are getting ready for operations in the border area

January 8 – January 14

2023: Belarus prepares for war; 2024: probability of using nuclear weapons

January 1 – January 7

The regime is stirring up anxiety within the CIS intelligence community by pointing fingers at what it claims are the West’s cunning plans

December 11 – December 17

Wagner is not leaving Belarus

December 4 – December 10

Security forces are getting ready for a crucial voting day.

November 27 – December 3

Shifting Priorities: Belarus Wraps Up CSTO Chairmanship, Hands Over to Kazakhstan

November 20 – November 26

The issue of closing borders with Belarus and Russia is becoming a regional concern

November 13 – November 19

The regime demands additional security guarantees from Russia

November 6 – November 12

Lukashenkа keeps a close eye on intelligence operations

October 30 – November 5

The regime is betting on an alternative Eurasian security architecture compared to the West

October 23 – October 29

Belarus is furthering its military integration with Russia

October 16 – October 22

Lukashenka, along with Putin, escalates the nuclear situation

October 9 – October 15