Press Conferences

On September 2, at noon Minsk time (11 AM CET), we will host a press conference of the Coordination Council at ZOOM. Speakers (All of the are the Representatives of the Coordination Council): Andrei Yahorau Volha Kavalkova Tatsiana Marynich Tatsiana Khomich The speakers will explain why the position of the Represe...

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    The Stories of Violence in Belarus
The Union State programs: will anything change in the relations of Minsk and Moscow?
September 16, 5 PM (UTC +3), pre-registration is required for access, details are below. Background After years of negotiations, at a meeting in Moscow Lukashenka and Putin agreed on 28 Union...
We found out how the Internet was blocked in Belarus in August 2020, why it did not and will not work
What happened? In August 2020, people in Belarus have for the first time faced a country-wide Internet shutdown, lasting several days. Although there were rumours about the possible use of...
"Seeking Justice. Stories of Violence in Belarus"
"Seeking Justice. Stories of Violence in Belarus" book contains dozens of publications of the Belarusian media testifying the tortures and other forms of cruel treatment of people who peacefully protested against the results of the presidential elections.


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