August 7 – August 13, 2023
Belarus-Russia relations

Minsk is thinking about energy consumption. Belarusian fuel may disappear from the Russian market

The situation has not changed
Minsk is thinking about energy consumption. Belarusian fuel may disappear from the Russian market
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Lukashenka and Putin advocate an alternative sports movement for the BRICS. Lukashenka dreams of a second Belarusian nuclear power plant. Fuel prices continue to be a sticking point for Minsk and Moscow.

On August 11th it was announced that during a telephone conversation between Lukashenka and Putin they discussed the international Olympic movement, with Lukashenka praising Putin for initiating the BRICS Games.

On the same day, while visiting the Minsk National Airport on Friday, Lukashenka shared his next “crazy idea” – building a second nuclear power plant in the east of the country (probably with Russian help). Earlier it was reported that Minsk is assessing the prospects for the construction of new nuclear power facilities, analysing future energy consumption, and assessing whether a third power unit is needed at the BelNPP.

Lukashenka approved further negotiations on the draft agreement with Russia on international road transport. In March, the Ministry of Transport reported that Minsk and Moscow plan to sign an agreement abolishing permits for road transit of goods to third countries. In 2024, they intend to launch a four-stage plan for the liberalisation of international road transport, and by 2030 to abolish licensing entirely.

Russian media report that Belarusian fuel may disappear from the Russian market due to a reduction in subsidies. Since the end of last year, deliveries to the SPIMEX exchange have been made through the state trader “Promsyrjeimport”, which receives subsidy payments. Reducing these payments will make such operations unprofitable. Belarusian diesel fuel accounts for a significant share of exchange sales with Russia, and its possible departure has already caused wholesale prices to rise to record levels.

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