May 1 – May 7, 2023
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Tsikhanouskaya visits Dublin as pressure builds for an international tribunal regarding Lukashenka

The situation has gotten better
Tsikhanouskaya visits Dublin as pressure builds for an international tribunal regarding Lukashenka
На фота: Святлана Ціханоўская і прэзідэнт Ірландыі Майкл Хігінс

The leader of democratic Belarus promotes her democratic agenda while meeting with Irish leaders in Dublin. Democrats gather evidence of regime crimes against the Belarusian and Ukrainian people and continue their campaign to initiate a tribunal against the Lukashenka regime. Civil society works on creating an alternative passport for Belarusians in exile and strengthening national identity.

Civil society organises a campaign to pressure regime security forces regarding torture and mistreatment of political prisoners. Independent media and activists contact the prosecutor’s office about the situation of the ex-presidential candidate Viktar Babaryka as for the second week, there is no information about his condition and whereabouts.

Preparations are underway to mobilise Belarusian emigrants for a rally in support of political prisoners on May 21st. Diasporas hope to draw the attention of foreign capitals and international institutions to the situation and increase pressure on the Lukashenka regime.

The IT project “New Belarus” continues to develop online services, build online civil society infrastructure, and strengthen Belarusian national identity. In cooperation with the Tsikhanouskaya Cabinet, the project is also working on creating an alternative passport and the technical side of the digital ID.

The National Anti-Crisis Management is gathering evidence of the Lukashenka regime’s involvement in removing Ukrainian children from Russian-occupied Ukrainian territories and is in contact with the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office and the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya met in Dublin with the Irish leadership, including the president, prime minister, and parliamentary speaker, to promote the common democratic agenda: assistance to political prisoners, support for Belarusian initiatives, and simplification of visa and migration procedures. As a result, a mission of the Parliament of Ireland will arrive in Vilnius and Warsaw to prepare a report on the situation in Belarus.

In Lithuania, representatives of the Tsikhanouskaya Cabinet are strengthening cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs within the framework of the working group on migration and public security.

Democratic forces intensify rhetoric towards the Lukashenka regime, and among the democratic core, radical positions prevail in response to ongoing repression and torture of political prisoners.

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