October 16 – October 22, 2023
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Diplomatic successes of Tsikhanouskaya in the post-Soviet region and the measures taken by the democratic movement to build trust

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Diplomatic successes of Tsikhanouskaya in the post-Soviet region and the measures taken by the democratic movement to build trust

Democratic activists are continuing their efforts to isolate Lukashenka’s regime on the international stage, which has led to a decline in the international reputation of the official Minsk government. Tsikhanouskaya’s Cabinet is actively cultivating relationships with leaders of post-Soviet countries while diminishing the diplomatic influence of the official Minsk government.

Tsikhanouskaya’s cabinet is persisting in its campaign to hold the Lukashenka regime’s security forces accountable on the global stage for their violent actions against detained protesters. The names of those involved, for whom the Polish prosecutor’s office has issued European arrest warrants, have been publicly disclosed.

During their visit to Prague, the representative of the APC and the leader of NAU, Latushka, met with the Deputy Minister of Justice of the Czech Republic, Karel Dvoržak. Czech law enforcement authorities have initiated criminal proceedings against members of Lukashenka’s regime for their involvement in the torture of over 40 Belarusians during the 2020 protests.

Democratic activists are intensifying their communication with governments of post-Soviet countries and enhancing their relationships with Moldova. The leader of democratic Belarus, Tsikhanouskaya, has been making official visits to Moldova at the invitation of President Maia Sandu.

Democratization representatives are also deepening their contacts with Latvian partners to ease restrictions on Belarusians. In Latvia, there is a possibility of reconsidering the ban on cars with Belarusian license plates and extending the validity period of residence permits for Belarusians from one to three years.

The democratic movement may strengthen its collaboration with Warsaw following the formation of a new government in Poland that demonstrates increased support and attention to Belarus. Representatives of the democratization movement have successfully influenced the formation of a consensus within the Polish political establishment, spanning different parties, in relation to increasing pressure on Lukashenka’s regime and supporting civil society.

Tsikhanouskaya’s cabinet is consistently working to consolidate democratic assets and build trust in democratic organizations. The APC is actively engaging with EU governments regarding the recognition of the New Belarus passport. This project may receive a significant boost following the formation of a new government in Poland.

In response to demands from civil society, Tsikhanouskaya’s office is enhancing the transparency of its activities. The Office has released the results of the audit company’s review of its financial activities for 2022.

Democratic activists are drawing more international attention to Belarus. During her visit to London, Tsikhanouskaya held a series of meetings with British parliamentarians and politicians. Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson has become a symbolic supporter of Siarhei Tsikhanouski.

Political organizations are attempting to undermine the legitimacy of the state’s representative institutions ahead of the planned elections on February 25, 2025. However, it remains uncertain whether the democratic movement will succeed in mobilizing society to exert pressure on Lukashenka’s regime once again.

Consequently, tensions and disagreements among political organizations may intensify regarding strategies for electoral behavior by supporters of change in parliamentary and local council elections.

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