November 25 – December 1, 2019
Society and political parties

Civil society starts a discussion about the transit of power; parties get ready for a new political campaign

The situation has gotten better
Civil society starts a discussion about the transit of power; parties get ready for a new political campaign

A bill by outgoing MP Kanapatskaya on guarantees to the president after the resignation has caused an ambiguous reaction in social media. Some parties, organizers of party observation (BSDP (Hramada)), have gotten tough on the authorities, others (Tell The Truth, BPF) aim to continue to engage in a dialogue with the authorities on matters of their interest. The Right Centrists begin nominating delegates for participation in the primaries.

Outgoing MP Kanapatskaya has submitted a bill to parliament envisaging guarantees to the president and his family members after the resignation. Apparently, Kanapatskaya seeks to represent interests of those among civil society and the opposition who aim to develop a dialogue with the authorities and aspire for gradual socio-economic and political reforms. Her bill has actualized the discussion in society about possible options for the transit of power and willingness to compromise with the current leadership. That said, a significant part of civil society and the opposition has harshly criticized the bill and manifested their non-compromising attitude.

After the parliamentary elections, some opposition parties have enhanced their criticism of the authorities for the refusal to continue the experiment with alternative MPs in parliament and deteriorated campaigning conditions. They asked Foreign Ministers of Finland and Sweden not to grant visas to members of election commissions in three constituencies.

Meanwhile, the Belarusian Popular Front and some national-cultural initiatives aspired to continue dialogue with the authorities on strengthening national identity.

Belarusian society appears to be further willing to donate for national-cultural projects. The Belarusian public committee has raised significant funds to cover the costs associated with the reburial of rebels in the 1963 uprising.

The Fresh Breeze initiative has been mobilizing supporters of independence and is seizing the initiative from parties after the elections and before the envisaged signing of an integration package by Minsk and Moscow on December 8th, 2019.

Immediately after the elections, Tell The Truth held several open forums: on regional development in Hrodna, protecting the rights of patients in Minsk and a large-scale Forum of new people in Minsk, uniting and promoting the interests of those, who are not represented in parliament but ready to unite and stand up for their rights. Tell The Truth leader has handed over to Belarusian Foreign Minister a petition for Belarus joining the European Charter of Self-Government.

Right-centrists begin preparations for primaries and have started nominating candidates for the primary elections. For instance, the Belarusian Christian Democracy aims to nominate its co-chair Sevyarynets.

Overall, immediately after the parliamentary elections, political organisations started preparations for the presidential elections, including internal coalition negotiations, recruitment of activists and mobilization for post-election events.

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