April 24 – April 30, 2023
Society and political parties

Civil society mobilises to support political prisoners as internal tensions rise within the democratic movement

The situation got worse

Democrats, civil society and independent media are mobilising Belarusian society and the international community to support political prisoners. However, tensions are increasing with increasing criticism of the Tsikhanovskaya coalition.

Democrats mobilised political exiles for actions in more than 14 cities worldwide against the placement of nuclear weapons in Belarus as part of the “Chernobyl path – 2023”.

Civil society reminds the international community about the ill-treatment and torture of political prisoners. The European Union is concerned about the health of Belarusian political prisoner Viktar Babarika, and independent journalists organise a letter writing campaign by their readers.

Tsikhanovskaya tries to increase the split in the ruling class by appealing to the Lukashenka regime security forces.

Preparations for international prosecution of the regime proceed. PACE recognised Lukashenka as involved in the abduction of Ukrainian children. The Joint Transitional Cabinet (JTC), in cooperation with the NAU team, continues to provide evidence of crimes and violations of international law, including the movement of Ukrainian children from occupied territories to Belarusian camps.

Belarusian journalists won a case against the government of Belarus before a UN Committee.

The Coordinating Council is debating the strategy of relations with Lukashenka’s regime with the demarche of media personalities, such as the departure of ex-political prisoner Alexander Kabanov.

Criticism of the Tsikhanovskaya coalition is intensifying. The opposition leader in the 1990s, Zyanon Pazniak, is rallying some National Democrats with severe criticism of the Tsikhanovskaya coalition and accusations against his colleagues in the democratic movement.

Oleg Talerchik, a former member of the ByPol law enforcement initiative, made several allegations against Alexander Azarov, the representative of the Cabinet for the restoration of law and order.

Tension and mutual recrimination within the democratic movement increase alongside declining popular support.

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