April 17 – April 23, 2023
The ruling elite

The ruling class rallies around Lukashenka as the government focuses on import substitution

The situation has not changed
The ruling class rallies around Lukashenka as the government focuses on import substitution
Чыноўнікі слухаюць пасланне Лукашэнкі 31 сакавіка 2023 года. Фота:

The ruling class intensifies efforts to promote the Lukashenka personality cult through repression and ideological indoctrination. State investment and import substitution lobbyists continue to increase their influence.

Propagandists promote isolationism and anti-Western rhetoric, blend the concepts of a “Russian world” with Lukashenka’s understanding of social justice, and maintain the state’s leading role in regulating the economy.

Import substitution policies benefit groups that successfully promote their interests, such as farmers who will replace imported products in retail chains following a government-organised meeting.

Several state-owned companies which have received substantial state support have been declared unprofitable.

Senate Chairman Kachanava inspected a “localisation of production” project by the state-owned “Motavela” company.

Law enforcement bodies increase their contribution to the state budget, partially compensating for declining income from other sources. In Minsk, the plan to increase the amount collected in fines by a factor of three in 2022 was exceeded.

The State Audit Office accused the private ophthalmology clinic “New Vision” of tax evasion and alleged BYN 2.5 million in damages.

Finnish company “Olvi” will pay a fine of BYN 12.2 million relating to Lidska Beer.

The authorities target “social parasites“; by gradually introducing new taxes and fees without widespread opposition.

The State Control Commission increases pressure on regional officials, alleging that regional executive committees do not comply with 70% of Lukashenka’s orders.

The government continues with ad hoc price regulation, agreeing to 242 price increases, but otherwise satisfied with the anti-inflationary effects and public support for such controls.

Restrictions on regime opponents intensify with additional obstacles to travel abroad.

Political dismissals and purges continue, with approximately ten people detained at state-owned enterprises in Novalukoml.

The authorities will continue to purge the public sector of dissidents.



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