May 31 – June 6, 2021
Security issues

The Belarusian Security Council will receive additional powers

The situation has not changed
The Belarusian Security Council will receive additional powers

However, the scale of these changes will become known only after the publication of the new provisions on the Security Council of Belarus and the draft amendments to the laws on special legal regimes.

On June 4th, 2021, the resolution “On measures to ensure national security” was published by the Security Council of Belarus. This is an event in itself as the decisions of this body are rarely announced (usually no more than once a year), and it is unusual for the full content of a decision to be published. The resolution envisages the adoption of further changes to the Security Council’s regulations and amendments to the laws “On States of Emergency” and “On Martial Law”.

Further changes are proposed under the provisions of Decree No.2, although precise details have not yet been clarified. Overall, changes in legislation should increase the role and influence of the Security Council in developing national security policy and “maintaining civil peace and harmony.” The latter is, of course, unintentionally ironic propaganda.

The prospect of a transformed Security Council has been evident since the reshuffle of the power elite in September last year. However, the process was delayed due to the persistence of mass protests and personnel changes, with three State Secretaries of the Security Council, replaced in just over a year (the posts were vacant for almost 3 months).

Given that Lukashenka has always sought to preserve and personal monopoly on matters of security because power is the only defence for his absolutist regime, the transformation of the Security Council’s role should be considered within the broader framework of political and constitutional reform.

Depending on the outcome, the Security Council may become a constitutional body; however, this remains speculation until the publication of the relevant constitutional amendment proposals.

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