September 11 – September 17, 2023
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Tsikhanouskaya’s cabinet increases international pressure on the regime, and democratic forces rally around the idea of European integration

The situation has gotten better
Tsikhanouskaya’s cabinet increases international pressure on the regime, and democratic forces rally around the idea of European integration
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Democrats continue to unite the pro-European segment of society, strengthen political ties with Western capitals, and outline Belarus’s intentions for European integration following a democratic transition. Political organizations are effectively promoting the democratic movement’s agenda in discussions with Western partners, emphasizing the need for isolating and holding Lukashenka’s regime accountable, as well as supporting Belarus’s European prospects post-transition.

Political organizations at various levels are engaging with Western partners and drawing attention to Belarus.

The leader of democratic Belarus, Tsikhanouskaya, addressed the European Parliament, urging support for a democratic Belarus and the pursuit of justice against Lukashenka. Representatives from the Coordination Council also addressed Members of the European Parliament to garner support for Belarusians’ pro-European aspirations. The European Parliament passed a resolution titled “On Relations with Belarus,” condemning the Belarusian regime for its repression and oppression of Belarusians and urging the International Criminal Court to consider issuing an arrest warrant for Lukashenka for crimes against humanity.

The Democratic leader plans a week-long visit to the United States, involving high-level meetings and engagement with the diaspora. Tsikhanouskaya will receive a NATO award in recognition of her contributions to peace.

Democrats are broadening their dialogue with Western governments, expanding beyond the themes of regime isolation and support for democracy to include military and political cooperation. Tsikhanouskaya met with Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson and Swedish Defense Minister Pal Jonson.

The United Transitional Cabinet is strengthening its personnel resources. Mikhail Zaleuski, formerly the Deputy Head of the board of BNB-Bank and former Director-General of the BATE football club, has joined the team as a representative for the transition of power.

Critics of Tsikhanouskaya are intensifying their efforts to gain media attention and redistribute influence within the democratic movement. After unsuccessful attempts to assume leadership within Tsikhanouskaya’s coalition, Tsapkala has filed a lawsuit against the European Commission, accusing it of undermining the unity of the democratic movement in Belarus.

Diaspora groups are continuing to organize events to consolidate social activists in forced emigration. The First Congress of Belarusian Culture in Emigration was held in Warsaw.

In response to the reduction of Lukashenka’s state functions concerning opponents and emigrants, democrats will continue to establish alternative institutions, expand services for Belarusians abroad, and strengthen the military aspect of their efforts.

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