May 24 – May 30, 2021
Society and political parties

Political exiles negotiate resources for the democratisation of the country while civil society lobbies to further isolate Lukashenka

The situation has not changed
Political exiles negotiate resources for the democratisation of the country while civil society lobbies to further isolate Lukashenka

Political exiles are increasing international pressure on the regime, mobilising the strike movement, and attempting to drive a wedge into the state apparatus, particularly the security forces. Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya announces a plan to support the workers affected by repression, and Valery Tsepkala raises money for Lukashenka’s arrest.

Political exiles continue to promote measures to international isolate Lukashenka’s regime and investigate human rights violations.

  • As requested by Pavel Latushka of the NAU, the European Broadcasting Union has suspended the membership of the Belteleradio Company,
  • Human rights activists are lobbying the United Nations to create a new mechanism for investigating human rights violations in Belarus.
  • The European Cycling Union has cancelled the European Cycling Championships in Minsk.

However, there are disagreements regarding the restrictive retaliatory measures taken by Western capitals concerning flights to and from Belarus.

Security forces fail to completely suppress localised protest actions in Minsk despite arrests and hefty fines.

The political exile community improves coordination of action, forming a common agenda to involve the Belarusian authorities and international organisations in negotiations following the Ryanair plane incident.

Sviatlana Tsikhanouska’s headquarters has proposed a coherent series of measures for the EU to take against the Belarusian leadership to kickstart the democratisation process in Belarus and announced an international conference on new elections. Meanwhile, the EU has published an economic plan for a democratic Belarus, developed in conjunction with Tsikhanouskaya’s team.

Former presidential contender Valery Tsepkala has launched an initiative to collect EUR 11 million to arrest Lukashenka.

Online media continue to shape the agenda in Belarus despite attempted purges by the authorities. In a single day, the exposé web movie “Bonanza 2: In the shadow of the dictator” was watched by a million people.

These measures all strengthen the coordination of civil and political organisations in response to repression by Belarusian security forces.

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