September 4 – September 10, 2023
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Dems forces are consolidating political migration, fatigue is growing among supporters of the force scenario

The situation has not changed
Dems forces are consolidating political migration, fatigue is growing among supporters of the force scenario

Dems forces promptly respond to the discriminatory actions of Lukashenka’s regime in relation to Belarusian emigrants and increase the importance of their project to issue passports of New Belarus. In sports-patriotic organizations, the tension is increasing in the situation of asset fatigue from the long confrontation with Lukashenka’s regime without obvious results.

The Dems strengthened their positions in consultations with partners in the EU and the USA regarding New Belarus passports, which are planned to be issued by the APC and the Tsikhanouskaya Office. Lukashenka’s discriminatory decree regarding emigrants contributed to increasing the attention of Western capitals to Belarus.

The activation of communication with the governments of Western countries to defend the interests of emigrants increases the trust in dem forces from supporters of change and consolidates the diaspora around the initiatives of a broad coalition. Tsikhanouskaya held talks with the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Lithuania Abramavičius regarding the legalization of Belarusians in Lithuania.

At the same time, the socio-economic potential of diasporas in EU countries is significantly increasing. In a year and a half, Belarusian citizens opened 12,000 businesses in Poland alone, and the number of people registered with the Polish Social Insurance Office increased by 40% to 122,000.

Tsikhanouskaya continues to integrate into the team of authoritative social and political leaders. Ex-candidate for the post of president in 2006, Milinkevich was appointed as a freelance adviser on the implementation of the European choice of Belarus.

GS supports attention to the violation of human rights and repressions in Belarus. On the third anniversary of Kalesnikava’s detention, German President Steinmeier published an address to Lukashenka.

As a result of the pressure from the civil society of Belarus and the demforces, the International Red Cross recommended the general secretary of the organization in Belarus withdraw from the affairs. “Cyber-guerrillas” hacked the website of the Belarusian Red Cross, conducted an investigation and published part of the organization’s documents on the export of Ukrainian children to Belarus, relations with Lukashenka’s regime and support for Russian aggression.

One of the leaders of the patriotic-sports defense organization “Paspalitaye rušenie” Syarzhuk Kedyshka is leaving the organization due to internal conflicts.

Volunteers in Ukraine continue to try to consolidate supporters of the regime change force scenario and keep their distance from the Tsikhanouskaya Cabinet. However, difficulties are also piling up for the people of Kalinin. Yes, Kalinouski’s regiment announced a complete cessation of recruiting in all its units.

Thus, in the event of the implementation of the New Belarus passport initiative, Tsikhanouskaya’s Cabinet will consolidate its leadership in the democratic movement with increased support from the opponents of the Lukashenka regime.

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