October 18 – October 24, 2021
Society and political parties

Civil Society presents a unified COVID-19 agenda. Political organizations cooperate to encourage political engagement

The situation has not changed
Civil Society presents a unified COVID-19 agenda. Political organizations cooperate to encourage political engagement

Civil Society organisations are focussing the attention of supporters of change on the anti-Covid agenda and attempting to counteract the contradictory messaging of the Ministry of Health and the strident rhetoric of Lukashenka. Political organizations carry out intra-party measures to motivate and consolidate activists.

Civil Society, the independent media, and democratic organizations are reacting to the continuing spread of COVID-19 by promoting countermeasures and providing advice through online media (Telegram, YouTube). Unlike the statements of Lukashenka, the primary measures promoted align with medical advice: vaccination, mandatory wearing of masks and self-isolation. Unfortunately, due to the dismantling of crowdfunding infrastructure and activist communities by the security forces, Civil Society organisations currently lack the means to provide material and financial support for the work of Belarusian doctors.

The influence of the civil society and independent media continues to decrease in line with continual repression. The audience of many Telegram channels continues to decline, however, dissatisfaction with Lukashenka and prevailing conditions within Belarus remains high.

Democratic organizations have not yet agreed a unified approach to participation in a possible constitutional referendum.

The diaspora and political exiles continue to focus resources on supporting Belarusian civil society and victims of repression. In addition to existing crowdfunding platforms, new initiatives to support civil society are emerging, such as the “Belarus Beehive programme”.

Some initiatives are attempting to operate within the existing legal framework in Belarus such as: the urban projects “Robim Good” and “Robim Razam”, and the campaign of the St. Petersburg trade union on education reform.

Political organizations have suspended public activities due to ongoing repression, but some educational events continue, such as the BSDP “Hramada” and the “Green” organizing committees of the parties “Together” and “Our Party”.

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