Tsikhanouskaya’s diplomatic successes against the backdrop of Lukashenka’s scandals and the attempts of the Skhod to establish a dialogue with the state apparatus

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Political exiles keep the international community’s attention on Belarus, and Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya seeks a new sanctions package against Minsk from the United States and an increase in support for civil society from the UK. The delegates of the Skhod [Gathering] are trying to resume contacts and legal mechanisms of interaction with the state apparatus to promote public interests and change legislation.

Political exiles increase the influence on the agenda of relations between Western capitals and the Belarusian regime.

After the visit of the democratic leader of Belarus, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, the United States is preparing to announce a new package of sanctions on August 9, the anniversary of the presidential elections in Belarus and the Congress has called for the creation of an international tribunal against Lukashenka.

The NAU campaign led by Pavel Latushka to block IMF funds for Belarus also receives the support of American congressmen. The inter-party group of the US Congress “Friends of Belarus” sent a letter to the IMF with a request to block funds for Belarus.

Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya meets with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and promotes support for civil society and independent media and the sanctions agenda. As a result, London promises to increase financial support for civil society by 300% this year.

Delegates of the Skhod [Gathering] try to involve their communities in the discussion of the public draft of the Constitution and complete a cycle of public hearings with the participation of representatives of the Public Constitutional Commission. 

Activists of the Skhod platform act within the legislative framework, try to use legal mechanisms to work with their sympathisers and promote their interests, as, for example, the legislative initiative to abolish the law on mass events.

However, the current authoriteis have not yet demonstrated readiness for dialogue with the civil society and continue to destroy the feedback mechanisms with society. The Ministry of Information blocked the website petitions.by.

The emigration of activists of the protest movement and civil society, human rights defenders of independent media journalists continues.

Thus, the political emigration will continue to promote the sanctions agenda against the Lukashenka regime in response to the repressions and destruction of civil society inside Belarus.

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