July 24 – July 30, 2023
The ruling elite

The state continues to monopolise medical services as the ruling class prepares for elections

The situation has not changed
The state continues to monopolise medical services as the ruling class prepares for elections
Алег Каўрыгін. Фота:

The ruling class continues to favour of public provision over private medical services as the business climate in the country deteriorates. The leadership continues to create favourable conditions the 2024 election campaign outside the public eye: political parties are eliminated, and ideological personnel are strengthened.

The regime is preparing for the election campaign but trying not to politicize society. Lukashenka discussed the future election campaign, personnel, and ideology with chairman of the Council of the Republic Natallia Kachanova and the Administration head Ihar Sergeyenka. The ruling class plans to eliminate all opposition and some loyalist parties before the start of the election campaign.

The Ministry of Health has suspended the license of “New Vision” clinic. Closing medical businesses will increase staffing problems and raise prices in the medical market, which is already experiencing a shortage of doctors and a high level of emigration. The actions of lobbyists of state health care organizations create new points of tension and dissatisfaction with the state administration.

Officials began redistributing the cash delivery business, awarding the exclusive right to engage in such activities to state company “Belinkasgroup”.

Disinformation seeks to increase control over influencers and get them to promote their products. Blogger Dim Dimych gave a “repentant” interview to propagandist Azaronko.

Employment continues to decline, and job vacancies and staffing shortages are at record highs, driven by both an aging population (and retirement) and labour emigration. However, the ruling class is trying to solve the problem with administrative and restrictive measures. Lukashenka forbade the dismissal of farmers without the consent of the leadership of the district executive committees.

The National Bank suspends the reduction of the refinancing rate, due to fears of the consequences of overheating the economy from lending and infusions into the public sector. The average salary continues to increase.

Budget funds are redistributed to regime guards and improving information security. The Ministry of Internal Affairs allocated more than BYN 2 million for the purchase of means of encryption of information. Security forces have already created 5 new spetsnaz units and are planning two more units to cover all regions. At the same time, most likely, the state managed to restore the level of trust in the law enforcement agencies after its fall as a result of the political crisis of 2020. Competition for funds budget of military universities has increased.

The guards of the regime do not stop the purges, intimidation, and persecution of supporters of change as the ruling class aims to demotivate supporters of change to participate in the elections, mainly through repression.

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