December 4 – December 10, 2023
The ruling elite

Regime Transformers: Systemic Parties Evolve into Autobots

The situation has not changed
Regime Transformers: Systemic Parties Evolve into Autobots

The elite triggers substantial institutional changes, influenced by the accord struck during the 2022 elections with Aliaksandr Lukashenka. Despite the leader’s inclination towards maintaining a personalized governance model, legislators are tweaking the laws. The crux of the matter lies in redistributing powers from the president to other branches of government, with the nomenclature bolstering the positions of systemic political parties.

The House of Representatives has passed amendments to the presidential law in its initial reading. Consequently, the ruling class has set in motion adjustments to the legal framework in line with the 2022 referendum results. They’ve formalized an agreement between the nomenclature and Lukashenka for the gradual redistribution of powers among the presidency and other branches of government.

Systemic political parties are solidifying their positions in the power hierarchy, with employees at state-owned enterprises facing the ultimatum of joining “Belaya Rus” under the threat of dismissal.

The regime’s security forces persist in suppressing the protest movement and supporters of change, amidst the pro-government election campaign for local councils and parliament. The regime aims to renegotiate the electoral agreement with the population, banking on high turnout from loyalists and opposition boycotts.

The government sees state regulation, essentially administrative price control, as a key point in Lukashenka’s renewed informal agreement with the population.

Intervention in price regulation emerges as one of Lukashenka’s primary measures to enhance personal ratings. It’s likely that price control will take center stage in the politician’s campaign for the next presidential term. Additionally, we may see the commencement of anti-corruption prosecutions targeting officials and state personnel.

In essence, the ruling class intensifies propaganda efforts directed at the population. This is accomplished through loyalist organizations spanning all ages and societal groups, including youth organizations (pioneers, BRSM), state trade unions, GoNGO, and political parties.

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