June 3 – June 9, 2024
The ruling elite

Regime Elections 2025: Isolation of the population from democratic forces

The situation got worse
Regime Elections 2025: Isolation of the population from democratic forces

Lukashenka maintains the high weight of the security forces in the regime structure. This leads to increased repression, expropriation of opponents’ property and confiscation of private businesses. Having suppressed the protest movement inside the country, the authorities seek to reduce the influence of democratic forces both inside and outside the republic.

The Central Election Commission has begun preparations for the 2025 presidential election.

The regime is taking discriminatory practices against opponents to a new level. The first case of deprivation of Belarusian citizenship was recorded.

Earlier, the authorities expanded the practice of expropriation of property of political opponents. This became possible due to legislative innovations – the introduction of special proceedings. Trials in absentia are held against Lukashenka’s critics, who are outside Belarus.

Since the end of 2022 (after being tested on democratic leaders), the practice of trials in absentia against political emigrants has been gradually expanding. The largest trial in the framework of special proceedings is against 20 ‘analysts of Tsikhanouskaya’. In addition to large prison sentences in absentia and propaganda exposure, the ruling class confiscates the property of opponents.

The practice of expropriation and redistribution of resources in favour of the public sector became increasingly widespread during Lukashenka’s late rule. For example, state-owned companies used the regime’s distrust of the private sector to enrich themselves. The state-owned retail company Belkoopsoyuz proposed a tax on private competitors and redistributed the funds in its favour to improve the financial situation of its rural trade.

The law enforcers raid disloyal managers and employees of Belarusian holiday organising agencies.

Thus, the ruling class will continue to deprive critics of the regime of civil and political rights in order to increase absenteeism among opponents.

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