June 12 – June 18, 2023
The ruling elite

Lukashenka criticises state administrators as the government invests in the military, security forces and state-owned businesses

The situation has not changed
Lukashenka criticises state administrators as the government invests in the military, security forces and state-owned businesses
Аляксандр Лукашэнка на святкаванні Дня Перамогі ў Мінску 9 траўня 2023 года. Фота:

Lukashenka cultivates the nomenklatura to maintain his personality cult. The authorities continue to purge the public sector of dissent as education is re-Sovietized, Russified and history rewritten.

The head of state seeks to stymie the discussions about the transition of power, which began among loyalists during his absence due to illness. Lukashenka criticises the administration and emphasises his exclusive control over personnel appointments.

Regional officials are dissatisfied with the odious propagandists of “Russian peace”. Propagandist Volha Bondarava attacked the head of the provincial police, who have no obvious leverage over pro-Russian activists, which made them nervous.

The propagandists encourage the security forces to intensify their purge of educational establishments, especially in the context of historical memory. Three lecturers were dismissed for political reasons at Polack State University.

The regime is expanding the use of “mobile courts” and public punishments of students to demotivate youth activists.

State media are strengthening their online presence; however, independent media continue to dominate online.

Propaganda is being deployed to mitigate public dissatisfaction with deteriorating medical services and the shortage of medical personnel.

Subsidy of the military-industrial complex and public sector investment stimulates the economy, enabling the government to restore economic growth and raise real incomes for the second month.

Minsk special forces will receive more than USD 3 million, and an ammunition production facility has been established in the region.

Officials are suppressing information about restrictions on entrepreneurs and the self-employed, fearing increasing tensions from the small businesses. The government also plans to increase the administrative costs for legal entities and entrepreneurs. The number of entrepreneurs is declining in line with Lukashenka’s wishes as he sees them as disloyal and a threat to his personal rule.

The regime will continue to pump money into the security forces and the public sector and reduce the state’s social responsibilities.



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