February 28 – March 6, 2022
Society and political parties

The rhetoric of Democratic Forces is getting harsher as the audience for independent media increases

The situation has not changed

Democratic forces are concentrating on the anti-war agenda and are trying to mobilise society to exert pressure on the Lukashenka regime. The influence of independent media is increasing, driven by anti-war themes.

Despite their crackdown in Belarus, the independent media retain considerable opinion-forming influence over regime opponents and loyalists. After opera singer Margarita Levchuk’s high-profile anti-war video message to her paratrooper cousin from the 38th Brigade, he quickly recorded a response asserting that stories of attacks on Ukraine are false.

Elements of émigré communities are advocating logistical sabotage. Near Svetlahorsk, equipment was burned on a railway used to resupply forces attacking Ukraine.

Cyber Partisans attack the network infrastructure of Belarusian state bodies, disrupting Belarusian Railway operations.

The positions of trenchant critics of the Lukashenka regime continue to strengthen as the war in Ukraine and domestic repression continues.

The leader of democratic Belarus, S. Tsikhanouskaya, aligns with the anti-war movement in an attempt to forestall possible negative attitudes towards Belarusians on the part of Western and neighbouring countries due to the participation of the Lukashenka regime in Kremlin aggression in Ukraine. To this end, they are actively in contact with Western capitals.

After negotiations with the Foreign Ministries of several EU countries, the headquarters of S. Tsikhanouskaya confirmed that Citizens of Belarus will continue to be issued Schengen visas.

Crowdfunding sites focus on supporting refugees from Ukraine and raising funds for humanitarian assistance. According to the creator of BYSOL Andrej Stryzhak, in the first week of the war, almost 4,000 people were aided by the BYSOL evacuation service.

IT companies are also joining in supporting Ukraine war victims. EPAM has allocated an additional USD100 million to help employees and their families in Ukraine.

Thus, democratic forces and independent media increase their influence on the information agenda and expand the audience as they promote an anti-war agenda and inform sympathisers about events in Ukraine.

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