May 22 – May 28, 2023
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Democratic Forces Persist in Sanctions and Delegitimization of Lukashenka Regime, Strengthen Presence in Interstate Institutions

The situation has not changed
Democratic Forces Persist in Sanctions and Delegitimization of Lukashenka Regime, Strengthen Presence in Interstate Institutions

Democratic forces are continuing to promote sanctions and delegitimization of the Lukashenka regime, while strengthening their presence in interstate institutions. Advocates of forceful regime change continue to strengthen their position due to continuing harsh repression against dissidents and the lack of dialogue with the Lukashenka’s state.

Foreign diplomats and foreign policy departments of European countries answered the call of human rights defenders and democrats, responding positively to Solidarity Day in support of Belarusian political prisoners.

The leader of democratic Belarus, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, spoke for the first time at the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, calling for support for Belarusian volunteers in Ukraine and political prisoners in Belarus. Then, at the Kyiv Security Forum, Tsikhanouskaya called for “international condemnation” of Lukashenka.

The heads of foreign affairs of the EU countries failed to agree on the 11th package of sanctions against Russia and Belarus. The day before, Tsikhanouskaya urged ministers to consider new sanctions against the Belarusian authorities in response to repression and complicity in the war against Ukraine.

The United Transitional Cabinet continues to hold consultations with European partners regarding restrictions on Belarusian potash and compliance with sanctions.

The signing of documents by the Ministers of Defence of Belarus and Russia regarding stationing non-strategic nuclear weapons in Belarus causes no visible unrest in society. Democrats limit their criticism of these plans due to severe repression of anti-war movement activists.

The influence of civil society on education policy is limited. Contrary to the wishes of democrats, 800 “patriotic clubs” have been created, and by the end of the year, there are plans to add patriotic classes in every school.

Kalinouski’s regiment aims to consolidate supporters of forced regime change among political exiles in the EU. The regiment announced the formation of reserve formations, based in the EU, to prepare for the liberation of Belarus from Lukashenka’s dictatorship.

Cyber Partisans” hacked the website of the “Dynamo-Minsk” hockey club in a symbolic resistance action.

Democrats will maintain their rhetoric against Lukashenka, and scenarios of forcible regime change will continue to gain popularity in response to repression.

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