April 3 – April 9, 2023
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Democratic forces gather evidence of regime crimes as political parties prepare for re-registration

The situation has not changed
Democratic forces gather evidence of regime crimes as political parties prepare for re-registration
Ілюстрацыйнае фота. Крыніца: Вясна-96

Democratic forces led by Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya continued efforts to delegitimise the Lukashenka regime and prosecute him for crimes against humanity. Some political parties (“A Just World”, “Greens”, Belarusian Social Democratic Assembly) are preparing re-registration documents or considering joining another pro-democratic political party (should one be re-registered) or reconstituting as public associations. 

Democrats aim to bring the security forces of the Lukashenka regime before the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity. More than 18,000 pieces of evidence have been collected documenting regime crimes. 

At a meeting with the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Lithuania, the leader of democratic Belarus, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, negotiated the creation of a working group to address Belarusian citizen’s emigration problems and ease restrictions on Belarusians.  

The United Transitional Cabinet and the Coordinating Committee concentrate attention on anti-war and anti-nuclear issues, object to the deployment of nuclear weapons on Belarusian territory, and emphasise the illegitimacy of the Lukashenka regime and the imperative to bring him to justice together with the Russian leadership. 

Independent journalists conduct successful investigations into the Belarusian circumvention of EU sanctions. The Belarusian investigative centre has discovered channels for the export of woodworking products, despite restrictions. As a result, the customs service of Lithuania announced the complete cessation of imports of wood and woodworking products of Belarusian and Russian origin disguised as originating from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan to circumvent EU sanctions. 

Democrats continue outreach attempts with political emigrants to involve them in their activities. Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya initiated the “II Conference of Belarusians of the World” in Vilnius. 

Another independent media scandal is unfolding relating to donations to BYSOL, with regime security forces conducting arrests based on leaked mailing lists. 

A coalition of political organisations (Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Assembly), “For Freedom”) is trying to engage supporters with the positive reform agenda of the “Resuscitation Package of Reforms” campaign. 

Ex-communists from “Just World” are preparing documents for re-registration and recruiting to reach the necessary threshold of 5,000 members. Party activists have initiated a local social campaign in Minsk. 

Trust in civil society initiatives and crowdfunding platforms continues to decline. 

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