March 6 – March 12, 2023
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Democratic forces are consolidating strident regime critics, and the support for forceful change grows

The situation has not changed
Democratic forces are consolidating strident regime critics, and the support for forceful change grows
Александр Азаров. Фото: Офис Светланы Тихановской

Opposition rhetoric towards Lukashenka’s regime intensified in response to harsh sentences imposed on democratic leaders and increased repression in the country. Tsikhanouskaya’s cabinet continues consolidating fierce opponents of the ruling class in Minsk while strengthening support for forceful changes in Belarus.

EU sanctions are strongly advocated by the Polish leadership, which, together with Lithuania, are the countries most concerned with Belarusian matters and support the demands of the opposition Belarusian parliament.

The popularity of forceful regime change is growing with opponents of the regime, as is support for volunteers in Ukraine with the Kalinoŭski regiment and proactive initiatives by democratic forces. Tsikhanouskaya’s coalition continues to attempt to establish cooperation with Kalinoŭski’s regiment.

The United Transitional Cabinet (UTC) emphasises the sanctions strategy to compel the Lukashenka regime to stop repression economically, hold new elections, and cease participating in Kremlin aggression against Ukraine.

At a meeting with diplomats in London, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya opposed lifting sanctions against the Belarusian potash industry and met with several British politicians, drawing attention to the Belarusian agenda at the international level, including the delegitimisation of the Lukashenka regime and sanctions.

The influence of democrats on the domestic agenda is diminishing due to restrictions on media access for domestic audiences and repression. Consequently, political efforts are concentrated on international activity and intra-organizational development.

The Coordination Council continues its reform process by electing new leadership and co-opting representatives from various civic initiatives. However, political exiles and diasporas are more interested in reforming and participating in the activities of the UTC.

The Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Assembly) is appealing to the Constitutional Court regarding amendments to the law “On Political Parties”.

The popularity of forcible regime change will continue to increase among democrats in response to the new wave of repressions by the Lukashenka regime.

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