February 21 – February 27, 2022
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Anti-war mobilisation leads to rapprochement of the positions of democratic organisations

The situation has gotten better

After a long break, the protests return to the streets of Minsk. Democratic organisations condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and focus on the anti-war agenda. This position resonates both with the sentiments of supporters of change, and some elements of the Lukashenka regime. Leaders of democratic organisations and political exiles bring their positions closer together in the face of the threat to Belarusian independence presented by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Anti-war mobilisation leads to rapprochement of the positions of democratic organisations

In the day of the referendum, queues formed near the voting stations. Belarusians then protested against Belarus’ participation in the war by gathering near the headquarters of the General Staff in Minsk. According to the ministry of the internal affairs more than 800 people were detained. According to Viasna HRC more than 500 people were arrested.

The leader of democratic Belarus, S. Tsikhanouskaya is attempting to align all political organisations and declares the beginning of the formation of a transitional cabinet.

Leaders of political organisations and the diaspora demonstrate their readiness to coordinate activities and form a new broad alliance in support of independence against the backdrop of a threat to sovereignty arising from the involvement of Belarus in Russian aggression in Ukraine. The leader of the opposition of the 1990s, Zianon Paźniak and Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, brought their positions closer.

The National Anti-Crisis Management of P. Latushka initiates the creation of a national liberation movement.

The operational headquarters of the democratic forces mobilise supporters of change to the polling stations to demonstrate rejection not only of the Lukashenka regime but also the involvement of Belarus in Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Foundations and fundraising initiatives focus on helping to relocate Belarusians from Ukraine and Belarus. The Belarusian diaspora in Poland offers help and support to refugees from both countries.

All over the world, Belarusians participate in joint anti-war actions with other diasporas.

The positions of implacable opponents of the Lukashenka regime are strengthening. Cyber guerrillas declare their intention to coordinate with Ukrainian and Russian activists in countering the Russian invasion.

The rhetoric of democratic forces against the Lukashenka regime becoming tougher and sanctions pressure on Minsk is intensifying.

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