February 6 – February 12, 2023
The ruling elite

Financial support for state-owned companies increases as Lukashenka deflects popular discontent onto businessmen

The situation has not changed

Industrialists are succeeding in securing state funding to mitigate the effects of sanctions. The regime lacks the resources to maintain general living standards and is trying to direct discontent among low-wage workers towards private businessmen.

Financial support for state-owned companies increases as Lukashenka deflects popular discontent onto businessmen
Photo: BELTA

State officials announced interest rebates on loans to state-owned light industrial enterprises, and the “Motovelazavod” [Motorcycle Factory] received 6.5 million BYN from the state innovation fund to “increase local production of import-substituting components”.

Minsk authorities have seized the “Press House “building from “PrivatKapital” and are planning to refurbish it at state expense.

State authorities continue to intervene in the economy with price controls in an attempt to avoid possible shortages. Lukashenka intends to further regulate imports and prices. In all probability, this is motivated by considerations of personal popularity since such price controls are generally perceived positively by the public.

Lukashenka is also returning to populist rhetoric to boost his ratings among lower-income groups, criticising entrepreneurs and private sector workers with higher incomes. Unsurprisingly, harassment by Lukashenka and state authorities regarding prices has resulted in decreased business confidence.

Despite increasing personnel shortages among healthcare workers and IT specialists, the government is optimistic about the economic situation, the IT sector, and the labour market,

The authorities continue persecuting protest and anti-war movement activists as courts pass long sentences on 2020 demonstrators, critics, and dissenters. The list of extremists has expanded to almost 2500 people as Lukashenka tries to demotivate opponents and foster political apathy. The composition of the Commission for consideration of appeals from Belarusian citizens abroad who have been convicted of offences has been published.

The regime will continue to increase support for the public sector while enforcing price regulations and purging disloyal workers.

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