August 10 – August 16, 2015

Who is the most active user of social networks among potential candidates to presidency?

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Who is the most active user of social networks among potential candidates to presidency?

TUT.BY analyzed the usage of social networks by the potential candidates to presidency. Their ranking list looks like this:

8. Nikolai Ulakhovich, the leader of “Belarusian Cossacks” – no activity in any social network detected.

7. Alexander Lukashenka – there are numerous accounts dedicated to him, as well as accounts which claim to be Lukashenka’s but his press secretary says that Lukashenka is not involved in any of them.

6. Zhanna Ramanouskaya – her only account is on Odnoklassniki social network . She is being quite active there.

5. Viktar Tsiareshchanka – he has two accounts in social networks: one on Odnoklassniki which is personal rather than political and a public page on Vkontakte which is dedicated to his political activity. However, his public page has only around 300 followers.

3-4. Siarhei Haidukevich – a Liberal Democratic Party group on Vkontakte (just 113 participants), and a group in support of his candidacy at 2015 election (just 18 participants). However, his son supports his candidacy on Facebook very actively.

3-4. Siarhei Kalyakin – a personal account on Facebook. However, there is not a lot of information – and also a very few photos. There are also official groups of his “Fair World” party on Facebook and Vkontakte – both post information about his political campaign.

2. Anatol Lyabedzka – there are official groups of Lyabedzka’s United Civic Party on Vkontakte and Facebook. Both of them are very active with 1367 Facebook ‘likes’ and 8 thousand group members on Vkontakte. Lyabedzka also runs personal pages on both social networks. He has around 5 thousand friends on Facebook and 1360 friends on Vkontakte.

1. Tatsiana Karatkevich – an indisputable first place. She has accounts in all social networks popular in Belarus such as Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. All the information on all of these accounts is up to date, and there are a lot of photos, videos, reports from her campaign trips, etc. Karatkevich runs her accounts personally, she replies fast on Facebook, and her there are even cats and flowers in her Instagram account. There are also separate campaign pages in support of Karatkevich on Facebook and Vkontakte.

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