February 16 – February 22, 2015

Environment is permanently improving for Belaruskali

The situation has not changed
Environment is permanently improving for Belaruskali

In January 2015, Belaruskali shipped the first batch (in six years) of potash fertilisers to the US. Before the sanctions were introduced in2009, Belarus shipped potash worth circa USD 100 to the US annually. Sanctions were lifted after the Belaruskali divorced the Belneftekhim concern. Currently, Uralkali is experiencing problems, therefore the environment is favourable for Belaruskali to increase its sales on the international markets, to increase the capacity load and improve employees’ well-being. In addition, the world prices on potash fertilisers are likely to continue cautious growth. In 2015, using a similar scheme, US sanctions may also be lifted with regard to Grodno Azot and the company may resume its supplies to the US (before the sanctions were introduced, Grodno Azot’s proceeds from supplies to the US constituted circa USD 50 million).

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