November 25 – December 1, 2013

Top 5 taxpayers by region

The situation has not changed
Top 5 taxpayers by region

In January – November 2013, alcohol producers and energy operators paid the most tax in the regions. The financial performance of the largest Belarusian enterprises was several times less.

The top ten largest Belarusian enterprises include:
1. Naftan
2. Mozyr Refinery
3. Belaruskaliy
4. Byelorussian Steel Works
5. MAZ
6. GrodnoAzot
7. Belshina
8. BelAZ
9. Mogilevkhimvolokno
10. MAPID (construction company)

However, the list of the largest regional tax-payers includes only oil refineries, Belaruskali and Belshina. Net losses by Mogilevkhimvolokno in 2013 were BYR 75 139 million, 593 employees left the enterprise. In 2013 all major Belarusian enterprises, including the most successful, smoothly downsized their staff. For example, Novopolotsk refinery Naftan and Belaruskali laid off about 300 employees.

According to the Finance Ministry, in 2013, ten companies, that is, one in five of the 50 largest enterprises in Belarus, reported losses and in 2012 – only two. Profitability in engineering and construction reduced, hence their contributions to the budget almost halved. Besides petrochemicals, the most profitable and competitive enterprises were regional alcohol producers and energy operators.

Top 5 major taxpayers by region:

Minsk region
IOOO RN – West – 100% subsidiary of the Russian Rosneft
OJSC Belaruskali, Akvadiv Distillery, OOO Plant Bulbash

Gomel region
OAO Mozyr Refinery
OAO Gomeltransneft ‘Druzhba’, Gomeloblgaz, Gomelenergo

Vitebsk region
OAO Naftan
Vitebskoblgaz, Vitebsk liquor-vodka factory ‘Pridvinje’, OOO Interservice, Vitebskenergo

Grodno region
Grodno Tobacco Factory
Grodno Distillery, Grodnoenergo, Lida Beer, Grodnooblgaz

Mogilev region
Klimovichi Distillery
Belshina, Heineken Brewery, Mogilevenergo, Mogilevoblgaz

Brest region
Brest Distillery ‘Belalco’
RUPP Granit, Brestoblgaz, Mankovichi, Brestenergo

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