New Belarus against Torture

June 21, 2021 15:53

In the framework of the events of the “Week against Torture”, organised by the initiative "Human Rights Defenders Against Torture" and the International Committee for the Investigation of Torture in Belarus, the Belarusians abroad and the Belarusian People's Embassies with the support of the National Anti-Crisis Management are holding an online forum "New Belarus against Torture".

Who is involved?

This is a forum for human rights activists, representatives of Belarusian democratic movement, politicians and officials of international organizations. 

What are the Forum goals?

The Forum will voice the stories of victims who survived the system of torture and inhuman treatment created by the regime of the Belarusian dictator Lukashenko.

Belarusian and international human rights activists and whistle-blowers will talk about their journeys; how they register and document the cases of torture in Belarusian prisons and detention centers, how they help victims of torture in their fight for life and what pressure they have to overcome while fulfilling their mission.

Officials of national law enforcement agencies in Western democracies and international organizations will talk about the international system of prosecuting criminals for crimes against humanity.

The participants of the Forum  will be invited to sign the Declaration, which will invite all who are sympathetic to the fate of victims of torture and inhuman treatment of the Belarusian terrorist regime and who are ready to participate in the programme of prosecuting all those responsible for crimes against humanity in Belarus.

After 9 August 2020, regime, ignoring all international treaties and national legislation, has purposely pursued a policy of mass torture and disregard for all fundamental human rights and freedoms. In the three days between 9 and 12 August, only according to official figures, more than 7,000 peaceful protesters were detained. 

Human rights organisations note that almost every detainee reports disproportionate use of force by law enforcers, use of torture, failure to inform relatives and lawyers of his whereabouts. 

In the New Belarus of the 21st Century there must be no place for torture and inhuman cruelty. Take part in building New Belarus without torture. 

When: June 24, 16:00 Minsk time, (GMT + 3)

Forum languages: Russian and English in Zoom, original language in Youtube.

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New Belarus against Torture